Penclic Nicetouch Mouse – Wired

Penclic Nicetouch Mouse – Wired


An intuitive touchpad with quiet-touch keys and a distinctive scrolling ability.

Penclic NiceTouch is an easy to use touchpad and hand rest combination. It is designed to be the perfect partner to the small and sleek Penclic Mini Keyboard. Penclic NiceTouch provides high end functionality together with an ergonomic working position where the hand rests easily on the surface.


The key to a healthy working position is a variety in body movement and a centred working position for your hands and arms which reduces and prevents problems like RSI. It is the comfortable hand rest, the touchpad and scroll wheel combination that gives you that great centred working position.

In stock

4 Buttons: (Left click, Right click, backward click and on/off touchpad

Scroll Wheel

Integrated Touchpad 85mm x 51mm

21cm and 140cm cable

No extra software / driver installation required


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