Penclic Numberpad – Wired

Penclic Numberpad – Wired


A low-profile numeric keypad which delivers a healthy working position for the hand and wrist.

Having the numeric keypad separated from the keyboard allows users to vary the position of their hand during work. This reduces the risk of problems that may occur from a static working position.

Penclic Numberpad is designed in a matte shade that reduces reflections of light and is better from a visual ergonomics perspective.


The Penclic Numberpad, just like the Penclic Keyboard is only 5mm high, reducing the effort of the wrist working on a higher keyboard.

Quiet-touch keys are full-sized and comfortable, they minimise noise and require only a light touch, allowing users to work in a relaxed and efficient manner.

The Penclic Numberpad is perfect to use with a laptop or connected to a Penclic Keyboard.

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Standard numeric pad keys and additional function keys: (Backspace, Tab, Opening and Closing Brackets, Home, End, Page Up and Page Down)

Plug and Play - No extra software/driver installion is required.

Width: 162mm

Depth: 87mm

Front Height: 5mm

Rear Height: 25mm


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