Standesk with Keyboard Tray Electric Height Adjustable Workstation

Standesk with Keyboard Tray Electric Height Adjustable Workstation

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Innovative, ergonomic, and beautifully designed.
The Standesk electric sit-stand workstation seamlessly transforms any fixed-height desk into an active height adjustable desk.

Now featuring a keyboard tray, the Standesk is the ultimate sit stand solution!


Innovative, ergonomic, and beautifully designed…...
The Standesk electric sit-stand workstation seamlessly transforms any fixed-height desk into an active height adjustable desk.

Standesk is a beautifully designed and engineered electric height adjustable sit-stand workstation with a separate keyboard tray that sits at your existing work height. The Standesk converts your existing desktop into a sit-stand workstation and gives you the ergonomic benefits of sitting and standing at your existing desk without the expense and inconvenience of purchasing a new desk.

Standesk has 2 worksurfaces, one for the keyboard and mouse and the other a large and generous desk area to accommodate your monitor, or your laptop.   Standesk has infinite height settings for any height you may desire and is adjustable in seconds!! Standesk operates using an electric motor to adjust the telescopic adjustment inside the leg that allow for smooth movement of the desk surface. Sensor touch buttons make the lifting process effortless to adjust, even fully loaded.
Most importantly, Standesk adjusts in a vertical line, eliminating any deviation and allowing for a minimum footprint on your existing desk.
Maximum keyboard height is a generous 460mm.

  • Telescopic electric leg height adjustment - whisper quiet
  • 2 platforms, one for the keyboard and the other a work surface.
  • Sensor touch buttonAdjustment is effortless
  • Desktop made from Compact Panel (Better than MDF)
  • Desktop Size is: 700MM X 380MM X12MM
  • Keyboard Tray Size is: 700MM X 220MM X 12MM
  • Infinite incremental height adjustments possible
  • Angle/swivel adjustment for monitor arm included.
  • Desk load capacity 500N (Around 50kg)
  • Minimum desk height 120mm
  • Maximum desk height 540mm
  • Maximum keyboard height 460mm
  • Solid diecast aluminium base
  • Maximum speed adjustment 40mm/sec
  • Vertical height adjustment of the desk surface
  • Adjustable nylon base levellers
  • 5 year warranty
  • Shipping dimensions 800 x 760 x 180  (0.11m3)
  • Gross Weight 22kg
  • Conforms to AS/NZS60335.1 Electrical Standards
  • Patented & Registered Design in Australia & New Zealand

Advantages and Features

  • Simple, quick and easy height adjustment - just by touching a button
  • Sits on top of an existing desk, no need to add additional expense buying another desk
  • When used it will help reduce cardiovascular disease and reduced incidents of neck and back pain
  • The Standesk Electric Sit-Stand workstation will give you increased productivity, energy levels and overall mental and physical fitness, all within an
  • affordable budget.
  • No pinch points for personal safety, and eliminates the possibility of power cords being cut creating an electrical hazard and electric shock
  • Ease of operation with Sensor touch activating buttons - just touch the button to activate
  • For the best experience, it’s best to use a wireless keyboard & mouse
  • Go anywhere, transportable and compact especially if you change work area or re-location
  • Affordable, cheaper than buying another complete desk and most other sit-stand systems
  • Single monitor fixing assembly included
  • Small footprint - raises and lowers in a vertical plane
  • The base plate (footprint)  is only 400mm Deep x 500mm Wide
  • Colours available in White and Black
  • Infinite incremental height adjustment possible
  • Sturdy and stable even when fully extended
  • Conforms to AS/NZS60335.1 Electrical Standards


  • Education and classrooms
  • Office/Workplace
  • Home use
  • Mining
  • University
  • Government
  • Commercial
  • Retirement homes
  • Café’s and restaurants
  • Hotels and accommodation,
  • Solicitors
  • Courtrooms
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Arts and entertainment
  • Business services & Marketing
  • Education & Training
  • Finance & Insurance
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Organisations Public & Private
  • Professional Services
  • Property & Construction
  • Security installations
  • Top Secret Spy agencies
  • Hospitals and nursing homes
  • Department stores
  • Defence agencies


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